Corporate Values

Our Guiding Values

Vision Statement

To be the preferred provider of financial services to entrepreneurial minded Zimbabweans.

Mission Statement

JHM Microfinance aims to be the market leader in the microfinance industry in Zimbabwe through the provision of high quality products at affordable rates.


Service and Quality
In all aspects of our company, we ensure on-going enhancement of our services and quality is built through lasting relationships with all our stakeholders.
Ethical Standards
Our company is committed to upholding ethical standards in our lending in line with the standards set by the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe.
Honesty and Integrity
We recognize that our strength lies in shared visions and commitments while the principles of honesty and integrity weave the moral fabric of our business.
Working Environment
We continue to employ high quality personnel at all levels on an equal opportunity basis and maintain a working environment which is conducive to high motivation levels.
We are committed to continued development and innovation in new products to keep abreast with our market needs as well as world trends
Community Care
We play a proactive role in the development of society through the provision of loans to the entrepreneurial poor who are shunned by mainstream financial institutions

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