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Supermarkets in need of funding
Butcheries we support
Hardware shops
Clothing raw materials business
Hardware Shops
Abbatoirs and butchery startups
Grow your dreams with us
Small business funding
Venture capitalism
Build your projects to reality

Business loans

• Loan amount granted depends on one’s business activity and collateral security.
• Payment of loans is done in weekly instalments, commencing fourteen days from the day of loan disbursement.

Benefits of the product

The product helps to accommodate viable entrepreneurs whose business activities add value to the Zimbabwean Economy. In addition to that, the product acts as a vehicle to the promotion of economic empowerment through provision of working capital to small entrepreneurs who lack finance for working capital thereby adding value the national revenue and Gross Domestic Product. This product also serves to encourage the participation of women in the economic activities of the country since the loan facilities are not gender selective but are mainly hinged towards one’s business performance.

Salary-based loans

• We offer our loans at affordable service charges.
• Flexible repayment terms – clients have an option to repay us within 1-6 months.
• Speedy loan approval and processing – we process all applications by within 48 hours for the convenience of our clients
• Personalized attention to each client – we boast of a team of professionals who assist clients in the most efficient manner.


Currently we are registered by IPEC as an agent of NICOZ Diamond for short term insurance products and these include:

• Motor insurance
• Travel insurance
• Household effects
• Buildings insurance
• Personal valuables insurance
• Goods in transit insurance

The premiums for our insurance policies are affordable and our services are efficient as we offer value for money. For motor insurance we offer both third party insurance and comprehensive insurance which covers the whole year. Insurance was established to cater for customers’ needs under one roof since our main collateral for our loans is a motor vehicle.

Money Transfers

We offer Ecocash and Telecash services at all our branches.

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